Reliable and stable; you do not have to be careful with the cat

Long battery life

Lasts at least one day; can be used all day when the person needing it is awake

Based on medical competence


The product is based on medical evidence; previous tests show a calming effect on patients with dementia

Health care

Cat for comfort

Calming effect; patients are more harmonic, studies show that medication can be reduced

Communication medium

Something to talk about; relation and communication can be improved

Changeable skin, washing in 40°

Hygienic product; the cat is always ready to be used, patients and relatives are satisfied

Med tech product

Tested and approved; can in some countries be prescribed

Durable product

The cat can be fed, padded and be handled without great care, use the cat, it is always there for the patient

JustoCat® is developed and manufactured by Robyn Robotics AB, Sweden