Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are the common type of questions that we have experienced from our users.

Battery life time

The battery life time is more than a couple of days, and depend on the usage. It is recommended that the JustoCat is charged every night. It is not good for the user of the JustoCat if battery runs out during the middle of the day.


A JustoCat has one year of gurantee

Medically certified

The JustoCat has been approved as a medical device. The certificate of registration is issued by the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

The ISO-code for JustoCat® is 04 27 18

  • Hygienic 100%
  • Low Cost 100%
  • Medically viable 100%
  • Giving higher quality of life 100%

Number of countries with JustoCat